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Horse is an in-game purchasable pet, allowing the player to quickly travel around the world.

Getting a horseEdit

The player gets a free horse after completing the Stable story quest for a price of just 12 wheat. The player then may buy another horses from the Horse merchant in Ternaves for a cost of 24 emerald blocks. The horse the player purchases will always be a Tier 1 one (brown horse).

Getting a better horseEdit

The player has two options of getting a better horse: leveling and breeding.

The player levels their horse by riding it, with the horse getting swifter and able to jump higher after each level-up. Each horse's tier has limited amount of levels the horse can level up to before the player has to breed a higher-tier horse. You may reference the following table for the information about horse's tiers.

Horse's tier Max. level Horse's color
I 10 Brown
II 20 Black
III 30 Chestnut
IV 40 White

The other way of getting a better horse is breeding. The player may breed two horses of the same colour with chance of getting a higher tier horse. The player breeds a horse by putting two saddles in the crafting window and pulling out a new saddle, which represents a new breed. The chance, however, is not 100%. The player has 20% chance to get a higher tier horse, 50% chance to get a horse of the same tier and 30% to get a horse of a lower tier.


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